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What do you really want to know?

The basic stuff
I'm a female in my early thirties living in Australia with my hubby, three cats and two dogs.

The Interesting stuff
I love Autumn days, where the air is crisp but the sunshine is peaking out from behind fluffy clouds that promises an afternoon of warmth. I also love Winter where I can rug up and drink hot steaming coffee or eat a steaming plate of dumplings or soup.

Baking is my passion. It relaxes me and I love to experiment with new foods. Mostly baking cakes and cookies, Martha Stewart recipes are my favourites; however I do like to experiment with new main meals as well. I'm always interested in new recipes and what other people are cooking.

Reading is awesome. Books are love. I love true stories, true crime, psychological thrillers; I like writers such as Philippa Gregory (who writes about the Bolyen sisters and that era), Alma Alexander, Juliet Marillier and Robin Hobb(fantasy, Jodie Piccoult, Heather Gudenkauf (who writes like Piccoult, she is awesome).

I have a love/hate relationship with craft. For about four months a year I get really excited about crafting, and get right into it. And then....I don't. I am, however very much into cross stitch and a little embroidery right now.

I love making lists, blogging, taking photos, keeping a diary, buying stationery that I totally don't need and love shopping on ebay with money that I don't have.

One of our cats is a kitten, her name is Bronx and she is the naughtiest kittien in the world. She chews through plastic to get to food....any kind of food from loaves of bread to crumpets to lettuce. I can't leave cakes to cool unattended because I come back and there are little Bronxie teethmarks in them. She is so adorable but totally destroys our house!!! She is obsessed with carrying around a piece of ribbon, and also runs off carrying envelopes that I bring in from the letterbox. I think she thinks she's a puppy. She fetches little bits of paper and brings them back for you to throw. You'll hear about her from time to time.

Oh, and how could I nearly forget. I HEART Studio Ghibli. That is, movies such as Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Kiki's Delivery Service, Ponyo and Howls Moving Castle (amongst many). I watch these over and over and over without getting sick of them. They make me feel relaxed and happy!

Love making new friends so feel free to add me - just comment and let me know who you are and a little bit about yourself ;)

The boring stuff
I don't work, because I have Idiopathic Hypersomnia.(Sometimes referred to as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
This means that for much of my day/night I am sleeping. At present, I am awake for approximately 4 hours at a time before I have to go back to sleep or at least have a significant rest, horizontally with my eyes closed in a dark room. The feeling of fatigue never leaves no matter how much sleep I get and this has effected me greatly from the time when I used to work full time.
Now my brain doesn't function properly. I can forget words to use in a sentence, lose my train of thought and my short term memory is not very good. My limbs are heavy all the time which means I can't stand for long periods of time and also I can't do tasks such as cleaning, sweeping, driving, lifting for long lengths of time because my arms become too fatigued. I also have a sensitivity to light (sun) so the blinds in my house are often half way down.

I was diagnosed in February 2011 when the symptoms flared and increased to a level where I had to quit my job.

And that's about it really.