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You can approach the act of writing with
nervousness, excitement, hopefulness, or even despair--the sense that
you can never completely put on the page what's in your mind and heart.
You can come to the act with your fists clenched and your eyes narrowed,
ready to kick ass and take down names. You can come to it because you
want a girl to marry you or because you want to change the world. Come
to it any way but lightly. Let me say it again: you must not come
lightly to the blank page.

- Stephen King

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Have you read his NF book on writing. "Behind the Mask" I think it's called - years since I read it. I remember it was good.

No, I haven't. I only like his early works to be honest. I tried reading Under The Dome and just couldn't do it. I'm going to try his newer one when I get around to it though.

ohm anything written after about 1995 is just awful. I read "The Cell" but haven't bothered with anything else. Few attempts, but it just wasn't the same. He's written himself up.

I liked the story about his accident with the truck tho. Do you know it? What he did after a truck ran him over?

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